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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Questions asked in Mechanical Engineering GATE 2018 Paper held on 3rd February 2018

1. Perimeter of circle, square and equilateral triangle are equal then Which shape has maximum area.
The Area of circle will be maximum

2. A disc (mass 10 kg and radius 1 m) is acted upon by a 100N force at the centre figure given. Find the linear acceleration of center of the disc-

3. EDM metal removal due to
Melting and vaporization

4. Pre tensioning is done in the bolts for-

5. In the Welding operations Voltage V 30 volt and current 100 Amp are given and the cross section area of weld bead is 20mm2. Specific energy of melting is 14 J/mm3. Thermal efficiency is 70 %. Find the welding speed mm/s.

6. The peak wave length of radiation emitted by a black body at a temperature of 2000 K is 2.4 µm. If the peak wave length of emitted radiation changes to 4.8 µm, then the temperature (in K)
1000 K

7. A 200mm thick infinite black plate having thermal conductivity of 3.96 W/mK is exposed to two infinite black surfaces at 300K and 400K. Surface temperature of plate facing cold side 350K. Stefan constant 5.67x10-8. For 1D heat conduction. What is the value of Heat flux?

8. Find the Compression ratio for otto cycle. Mass flow rate and calorific value of the fuel is given.

9. Torsional stiffness numerical

10. Torque Calculation at P and Q point the length of the parts are 100mm and 200mm and both ends are fixed.[100,50]

11. Instantaneous velocity of R point w.r.t to Q. In the options angles are given 217º, 225º, 235º, 233 º and magnitudes 8, 10.

12. Flow conditions are given in venturimeter at the throat. Find pressure difference.

13. Numerical based on Taylor’s tools life for holes generation at 200 rpm. Given that at 300 rpm 200 holes drilled and at 150 rpm 300 holes generated.

14. Specific humidity calculation. Saturation pressure and Relative humidity 60% given.

15. Compression work done calculation in Vapor compression cycle enthalpy is given and refrigeration effect is also given 15KW.

16. During solidification of pure molten metal in casting grains generated at the boundary, Fine and oriented or unoriented.

17. Numerical on Modified Goodman Criteria all the values of strengths are given.

18. At 50% reaction condition, the angle of outlet and inlet flow and relation between stator and rotor is asked.

19. Calculate final cross sectional are at the necking as per given relation.

20. Shortest path for the given Network having events from 1 to 6.

21. EOQ Calculation, Ordering Cost, Unit Cost and Demand per year are given.

22. Buckling condition for both end pinned joint

23. In the Orthogonal cutting calculate the shear angle, given rake angle 15º and uncut chip thickness and chip thickness are given.

24. Entropy formula in terms of Pressure specific heat and temperature.

25. Steam in condenser of thermal power plant is to be condensed at temp of 30ºC with cooling water which enters in the tube at 14ºC & exits at 22ºC .Given that total surface area of tube is 50m2.Overall heat transfer coefficient 2000 W/m2K. Calculate Heat transfer in MW.

26. For the slab milling, what is the feed rate formula in terms of rpm and feed per tooth?

27. If we increase the damping in parallel then the effect on the transmissibility and free oscillations.

28. In the Gear train, teethes and initial torque are given find out the output torque.

29. Boundary layer thickness variation if the length of the plate is doubled.

30. Bottles and metallic pipes are manufactured by which process match the following question.

Detailed Questions and Answers will be updated soon



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