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Thursday, 16 November 2017

SSC JE 2018 Mechanical Engineering Paper 1st March 2017 || Morning shift Solved Paper Part 2

QID 851 - Hydraulic grade line for any flow system as compared to
energy line is .
1) Above
2) Below
3) At same level
4) Uncertain
Correct Answer: Below  
QID 852 - To avoid vaporization in the pipe line, the pipe line over the ridge is laid such that it is not
more than .
1) 2.4 m above the hydraulic gradient
2) 6.4m above the hydraulic gradient
3) 10.0 m above the hydraulic gradient
4) 5.0 m above the hydraulic gradient
Correct Answer: 2.4 m above the hydraulic gradient  

QID 853 - The locus of elevations that water will rise in a series of pitot
tube is called .
1) Hydraulic grade line
2) Pressure head
3) Energy grade line
4) Head loss
Correct Answer: Energy grade line 

QID 854 - Pressure in Pascals at a depth of 1 m below the free surface
of a body of water will be equal to .
) 1 Pa2) 98.1 Pa3) 981 Pa4) 9810 PaCorrect Answer: 9810 Pa
QID 855 Water flows up a tapered pipe as shown in the figure. What is
the magnitude of the defection of the differential mercury manometer
corresponding to a discharge of 126L/s?
The friction in the pipe can b completely neglected.
) 16.28 cm2) 17.28 cm3) 19.28 cm4) 25.28 cmCorrect Answer: 19.28 cm
QID 856 - If a pump is handling water and is discharging a certain flow
Q at a constant total dynamic head requiring a definite B.H.P., the same
pump when handling a liquid of specific gravity 0.75 and viscosity
nearly same as of water would discharge
) same quantity of liquid2) 0.75Q3) Q/0.754) 1.5QCorrect Answer: same quantity of liquid
QID 857 - A 20 cm diameter pipe 5000 metres long conveys 0.05 cumec
of water which is to be pumped through a height of 6 metres. What is
the horse power required by the pump, if its efficiency is 75
% ?(take 4f = 0.006)
1) 74.2 HP
2) 74 HP
3) 75 HP
4) 50 HP
Correct Answer: 74.2 HP
QID 858 - For laminar flow in a pipe, V is equal to1) Umax
2) 0.5 Umax
3) 0.25 Umax
4) 2 Umax
Correct Answer: 0.5 Umax
QID 859 - Water at 20° C flowing through a 20 cm diameter pipe. Take
kinematic viscosity of water at 20°C is equal to 0.0101 stoke. Assume
that the changes from laminar to turbulent at Re = 2320.
The critical velocity will be . 1
1.117 cm/sec
2) 11.17 cm/sec3) 111.7 cm/sec4) 1.117 m/secCorrect Answer: 1.117 cm/sec 
QID 860 - Surge wave is an example of .1) Steady uniform flow
2) Steady non-uniform flow
3) Unsteady uniform flow
4) Unsteady non-uniform flow
Correct Answer: Unsteady non-uniform flow
QID 861 - Quick return mechanism is an inversion of .1) Four bar chain
2) Single slider crank chain
3) Double slider crank chain
4) Crossed slider crank chain
Correct Answer: Single slider crank chain
Inversion of 4 bar mechanism-Coupling rod of locomotiveBam engineWatt’s IndicatorInversion of Slider Crank mechanismReciprocating engineWhitworth quick return mechanismCrank and slotted lever mechanismHand pump, bull engineInversion of double slider crank mechanismElliptical trammelScotch yoke mechanismOldham coupling
QID 862 - In gears, interference takes place when .1)Tip of a tooth of a mating gear digs into the portion between base and
root circles
2)Gears do not move smoothly in the absence of lubrication
3)Pitch of the gear is not same
4)Gear teeth are undercut
Correct Answer: Tip of a tooth of a mating gear digs into the portion
between base and root circles

QID 863 - In a multiple V belt drive, when a single belt is damaged, it is
preferable to change the complete set to .
1) Reduce vibration
2) Reduce slip
3) Ensure uniform loading
4) Ensure proper alignment
Correct Answer: Ensure proper alignment
QID 864 - The centre of gravity of the coupler link in a 4-bar
mechanism wouldexperience .
1) No acceleration
2) Only linear acceleration
3) Only angular acceleration
4) Both linear and angular accelerations
Correct Answer: Both linear and angular accelerations
QID 865 - The amplitude of underdamping a small damping varies with
time as .
1) Linearly
2) Arithmetically
3) Geometrically
4) Exponentially
Correct Answer: Exponentially
QID 866 - Whirling speed of a shaft coincide with the natural frequency
of the .
1) Longitudinal vibration
2) Transverse vibration
3) Torsional vibration
4) Coupled between torsional vibration
Correct Answer: Transverse vibration
QID 867 - A mass of 1 kg is attached to the end of a spring with stiffness
0.7 N/mm. The critical damping coefficient of this system is
) 1.40 Ns/m2) 18.522 Ns/m3) 52.92 Ns/m4) 529.20 Ns/mCorrect Answer: 52.92 Ns/m
QID 868 - Rankine's theory of failure is applicable for which of the
following type ofmaterials?
1) Brittle
2) Ductile
3) Elastic
4) Plastic
Correct Answer: Brittle
QID 869 - The shock absorbing capacity of a bolt can be increased by
1) Tightening it properly
2) Increasing shank diameter
3) Grinding the shank
4) Using washer
Correct Answer: Grinding the shank
QID 870 - Which of the following key is under compression rather than
in being shear when underload?
1) Saddle
2) Barth
3) Feather
4) Kennedy
Correct Answer: Barth  

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